Editorial - Israel, Miracle On The Mediterranean

by Joseph Hunting

A letter on my desk from Israel has just caught my attention. Printed in a conspicuous place on the front of the aerogramme are the words: visit Israel -- THE MIRACLE ON THE MEDITERRANEAN.

Whilst it may be said that miracles are in short supply for the rest of the nations, they are, and always have been, part of Israel's existence.

The Hebrew race was born with a series of miracles which enabled the Matriarchs to give birth to the Patriarchs. And the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt was a miracle that is still observed by their ancestors after 3,500 years!

It would take a large volume to comment on all the miracles relating to Israel that are recorded in the Bible. However, when one considers the magnitude of the programme of genocide embarked upon by the Nazis and its ghastly culmination in the Holocaust, Israel's survival and rebirth as a nation can only be described as modern miracles.