Glimpses of Israel - Miracle on the Mediterranean

by Joseph Hunting

The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by countries small and large. Some have histories dating back to the earliest days of mankind. But none have had the chequered career as the short strip of coastline on the eastern end. In the earliest days of its recorded history it was settled by the Canaanites who were closely related to the Egyptians. Later they were joined by the Philistines and the sea-faring folk known as the Phoenicians.

About four thousand years ago a man named Abram journeyed with his family and flocks from Mesopotamia and made the land of Canaan his homeland. God also told him that this land would be his descendants' inheritance for ever.

Centuries later huge rafts of cedar logs were towed down the coast from Lebanon to the spot where Tel Aviv stands today. Then they were hauled overland to Jerusalem for the Temple of God which Solomon built.

Centuries piled up. The Temple was destroyed and again rebuilt and destroyed again. Nineteen centuries slipped into oblivion and then a miracle happened. The State of Israel was reborn and the third commonwealth of Israel established, "born in a day" as prophesied by Isaiah.

That it should ever have happened at all is a miracle. Its survival through four wars is a miracle and its amazing development according to prophecy has been an ongoing miracle over the past thirty-seven years. The desert is blossoming as the rose according to prophecy. Towns and cities that were once wasteland are built on their ancient foundations according to prophecy. Yes, indeed, Israel is the "Miracle on the Mediterranean".