This Brave New World

by George F Spall

A striking advertisement has appeared in some Jewish newspapers under the heading, "A NEW JUDAISM". It announces, "A BOLD NEW SECULAR INTERPRETATION OF JEWISH IDENTITY. The most interesting Jews of the past one hundred years never joined a synagogue. They never prayed. They were uninterested in God. They paid no attention to the Torah lifestyle. They found Reform as meaningless as Orthodoxy. But they have found a new positive humanist dimension in their Jewish identity."

It is an amazing about-face for even a small section of the Hebrew race because there is no question that anyone with the blood of Jacob in his veins is descended from ancestors who personally knew the God that is being denied. The Patriarchs' life stories provided the material for the earliest chapters of the Torah now being denied, if not repudiated with derision.

While it is true that Abraham sired the Arab peoples as well as the Hebrews, the Jewish race is very distinct from the Arab one because Isaac was born of very aged parents only after the Eternal had intervened to heal Sarah's barren womb as a sign that their son was of special interest to Him.

Then Jacob himself was born only after God had made a special case of his mother Rebecca, for she too had been childless till Jacob's prayer brought help from Abraham's God.

The two miracles in succession -- no, even three, when we remember that Jacob's Rachel too was barren and needed Divine intervention -- surely demonstrated Israel's supernatural origins.

So it is obvious that the Jewish peoples, descended as they are from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, were deliberately separated from the nations that have sprung from their brothers Ishmael and Esau because God has a purpose in the matter.

The concept quoted earlier: "They have found a new positive humanist dimension" is in keeping with a movement that is sweeping the world today. It is called "THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT" and it incorporates thousands of organizations which will unite to welcome One World Government which they are working to bring into being.

Indeed, they have many collaborators. There are the big boys in the Bilderberger Brigade; there are the clever consultants, hundred of them in the Club of Rome, who are using science, economics and politics to bring about their new International Order.

How many Jewish people will formally align themselves with humanism remains to be seen. Israeli newspapers also report that synagogues were full during the last High Holy Days, some of them unable to contain the crowds, while the beaches were deserted by comparison!

While considering this matter we ought to take note that this seemingly modern movement calling itself humanism, which leaves God right out, is like any other 'ism' and is also a religion of sorts. Reading its literature, we find it has many religious groups associated with it. They all talk about UNITY and PEACE through some kind of One World Order and exhort everyone to love one another, and they include a few Gurus with interest in re-incarnation and various ways of achieving 'God-consciousness'.

Indeed, some of their books pour ridicule and contempt on orthodox Christianity and what they call 'Judeo-Christianity'. And they are very often anti-Israel.

Israel has been through deep distress because of what happened in Lebanon. Though they themselves were not involved in the 'Christian' Phalangist massacres in those two camps, just because they were there at the time and had not foreseen the barbarism, they have allowed the world's condemnation to bring them under deep self-criticism.

Now Israel has reason to be angry. The same newsmen who poured out vials of wrath on an Israel that was not really guilty, are now blind, deaf and dumb to the much larger massacres of Druse by Maronites and Maronites by Druse, as well as atrocities against peace-keeping forces.

It is a familiar story. The P.L.O. took the Lebanese residents of Damour, one hundred each day, and cruelly murdered them. Only Israel reported it. Now Israel is taking in Lebanese refugees by the hundreds, ordinary citizens phoning into their government agencies and offering to shelter them.

Do we see these things reported in our own press? Do we hear condemnation of the perpetrators of these terrible massacres? The same Israel that was condemned for going into Lebanon is now in trouble for coming out, even partially!

Israel needs our prayers in this difficult, perhaps critical time. THE JERUSALEM POST devoted a large part of an entire issue to call its politicians and Defence Forces to beware complacency, party jealousies and personal feuds. It reminded them that these things almost cost them the Yom Kippur War.

Because of the nation's origins, its Torah and its God, it is essential that the Godly in Israel and not the humanists be in control.

If humanists who deny and defy Israel's God take the nation further into atheism, how can He help? God has a way of taking people at their word! A God who "does not exist" can scarcely be there when needed!