An Exceedingly Good Land

"The land we passed through to spy out is an exceedingly good land." (Numbers 14:7)

After observing the Land forty days with the other ten, Joshua and Caleb reported that the Land which God had promised to give the people of Israel was "an exceedingly good land".

This was not just any ordinary real estate. The Land flowed with enormous potential ... this was a good land ... from which good things would come.

Notably, this Land is exceedingly good. Good can come from this Land, and it is in excessive supply. Rich with deep treasures of good, the Land is described as "a land flowing with milk and honey". Surely, this " exceedingly good land" is unique.

Though not locked behind iron bars or heavy chains, there are restrictions. To remove all obstacles and to live long in the Land, a key, not fashioned from iron, is needed.

When the people of Israel are exiled, scattered among the nations, the Land becomes dry and barren. The Nations invade, trampling the holy places, and dividing the Land like spoil to the victor. There is no Temple, no Priesthood, and the relationship between God and man is not as it was.

Consequently, there is less of the Mount and more of seeking the One who is Spirit and Truth. His sons and daughters are forced to wander aimlessly, and like lambs to the slaughter they are no more. God's Torah, His statutes and ordinances are like seeds cast on shallow, rocky ground. The light is dimmed as darkness descends. Vision is blurred, as though looking through obscured glass. Prophecy is forgotten, and the Way is narrow so that few dare walk alone. In the meantime, the Land restless, waits longing for her children to return home.

According to the covenant which God has made with Israel, the Land is to be possessed by the people of Israel, alone.

Other lands have been allocated for the nations to live. Similarly, those lands are also waiting for the time when they will receive the good promised to come from the Land of Israel.

Whilst, the Land waits for Israel's return, yet the fullness of the good which is promised awaits Israel's return to God and obedience to His commandments, thus confirming the covenant between them. They were scattered to the ends of the earth because of disobedience.

Because the Land is exceedingly good, it challenges every preconception. The Land is so good that it is conflict-free. There is no violence or strife. The Land even overcomes grief, sickness and disease ... death is consumed, swallowed up, and the grave has no sting. The Land is on a level rarely known. A level that reaches beyond modern standards or intellect. It is "an exceedingly good land."

This is the Land of Israel, and it is the Land which God has promised to His people, Israel, as an everlasting inheritance.

After centuries of Exile and living as strangers in foreign lands, the Jewish people today are in the process of returning to the Land of their fathers.
The return is of such magnitude that it is clearly a miracle in our time. Moreover, this is exactly what the prophets foretold. God is bringing His people back to "a land flowing with milk and honey" ... "an exceedingly good land."

Welcome home, Israel! And may the Nations be blessed to see Israel take possession of his inheritance.

Mark Warren