Glimpses - Gamla in the Golan

Gamla is an important place; it was here that the Jewish people stood firm, fortified against the evil Roman empire. Sadly, the city was destroyed and all of its Jewish inhabitants slaughtered. It was in the year 68 CE, two years before the destruction of Jerusalem.

Located in central Golan, surrounded by high cliffs, Gamla dates back to the time of Joshua, when Israel first took possession of the Land. At the time of its destruction by Rome, Gamla was a thriving city, the capital of the Golan.

In 1976 Israeli archaeologists discovered the site of Gamla, and have been uncovering treasures ever since.

Today, the ancient ruins are part of the Gamla Nature Reserve. Trekking the ancient path - the only access to Gamla two thousand years ago - visitors enjoy the natural beauty of the area surrounding Gamla, with sweeping panoramic views at numerous vantage points.

Mark Warren