Editorial - It Is Happening Again

The world watched as the bodies of dead Israelis were exchanged for Muslim terrorists and murderers, released from prison. This is not God's way. However, the international community has chosen to walk this path. Negotiations that result in the evil-doer escaping justice are contrary to God's standard, and therefore not for Israel. In contrast, the world watches the transaction, absorbing the process, adopting the custom, and formulating how to negotiate a better result, next time. Considered irrelevant, God's laws are rejected. His standards are replaced. Man-made laws have become acceptable to the wider world community.

The nation of Israel is forced to comply with these non-Torah standards and customs.

The tragic process of negotiation and exchange has become an adopted practice for Israel. Since the exile, the Jewish people have learnt to adapt to the non-Jewish world. Centuries of mistreatment and abuse, amongst the nations have taught the Jewish people that compliance and adaptation to non-Jewish standards will improve survival.

The Holocaust is typical of their treatment and survival at the hand of Gentiles, down through the centuries. We know the world did not learn from this horrific tragedy, when immediately, after the defeat of the Nazi regime, and when the Holocaust survivors were released from the European death camps, that those same survivors were fired upon by the British, and refused entry to their national homeland, the State of Israel. How could this happen?

We know that the world has not improved, when only decades after the horror of the Holocaust we hear and see international leaders imposing policies resulting in the division of the State of Israel, and ultimately, the destruction of the homeland for the Jewish people.

The leaders of Britain, France and USA have stated that they "are friends of Israel". How is it possible that these "friends" demand Israel to tolerate a separate Palestinian State, within the Promised Land, and with "half" of Jerusalem as the capital? With friends such as these, Israel needs no enemies.

True, the sworn enemies of Israel are worse. Yet those who gather under the banner of "friends of Israel" are undoubtedly working toward the same goal. The sworn enemies of Israel blatantly work to annihilate the people of Israel and to wipe Israel off the map, while the "friends of Israel" insist Israel be tolerant and make concessions. The end of the path is the same result. One is quicker than the other.

Daily mortar and rocket attacks on the State of Israel have somehow become normal living conditions, within Israel. How has this happened, unless the international community, including the "friends of Israel" has deemed it as 'tolerable'?

During World War II, despite knowing the plight of the Jewish people, the "friends of Israel" failed to stop the Holocaust. The Jewish people had to sit and weather the storm. How could this happen? Certainly, the death of one Jewish person should not be tolerated? But six million . . . shame!

Likewise today, where is that nation -- the true friend of Israel -- who is declaring and enforcing policies that will establish the Jewish State as a safe and secure homeland for the Jewish people? Where is that leader in the international community who recognizes the Land of Israel as the promised inheritance which God has given Israel to possess? Where is that nation or that international body extending compassion and helping the Jewish people to return to live in Israel?

The State of Israel will continue to make concessions, including the exchange of bodies for terrorists . . . not because they want to . . . but because they are expected to weather the storm.

Never again . . . is happening again!