Glimpses - Nahal Iyyon Nature Park

Nestled on the northern border with Lebanon, located on the outskirts of the Israeli town, Metulla is one of Israel's natural beauties, the Nahal Iyyon Nature Park.

Carved into the rugged landscape and meandering along the Iyyon Stream are two trails. The longer trail, a 90-minute walk, extends between the upper and lower car parks. The shorter trail, an easy 30-minute-plus walk, is located near the lower car park.

The Park straddles the Iyyon Stream which flows almost all year round. During winter and the heavy rains, the Stream becomes a mighty river and provides a spectacular sight at each of the four waterfalls – the Iyyon, the Mill, the Cascades and the Oven. A total contrast, in summer, the Iyyon is almost dry. The Iyyon begins some several kilometers over the border in southern Lebanon where local farmers rely heavily on the stream to irrigate crops during the warmer months.

The natural rugged landscape and well-watered ravines provide a haven for an abundance of flora and fauna. In the spring, the Park is carpeted with wildflower colours. In the summer, tall trees provide shade and cool from the heat. Beside the numerous views along the trail, each of the three lookouts, Gafni, Cascade and Mill, provide spectacular views all year round.

Mark Warren