Glimpses of Israel - Senir Stream


Originating in Lebanon and crossing the border into Israel near the village of Ghajar, the Senir Stream is one of three sources for the Jordan River. The other two being the Dan and the Hermon Rivers.

The Senir Stream Nature Park is located just 5-6 kms (4 miles) north of Kiryat Shemona, and is open all year round. Trees, shrubs and plant life grow vigorously in this fertile region, and together with ample open areas provide an idyllic setting for families and a day out with friends. Among the many features of the park are a small waterfall, and a wading pool. The wide paths and timber-decking also make the park facilities accessible for those in wheelchairs or with baby-pushers.

The volume of water which flows down the Senir Stream varies quite dramatically between the winter and summer seasons and at times provides a point of keen interest. When the flow is near its peak, people gather at the bridge for a view of the gentle stream which has turned into a deep and fast flowing river.

Further downstream from the park, the Senir Stream has also become popular for its white-water rafting and other similar water sports.

Mark Warren