Glimpses of Israel - The Temple Institute

In Jerusalem's Old City, now that the Jewish people have returned to Zion after the city's liberation in 1967, the Temple Institute has been founded to teach all over again all the laws pertaining to Temple Service from past days.

It has been important for the Jewish people to relearn for themselves about their entire life as it revolved round the Temple and its ceremonies 2,000 years ago before the Temple was destroyed in 68 AD. Their desire is to make again the connection between themselves and theTemple.

They have made two main exhibitions: one focuses on the Temple services, the other on Special Holiday services. Visitors come in their thousands to view the exhibits, which bring the Bible to life for all who see them and experience the displays, the videos and the audio-visuals – grown ups and children alike.

There are paintings on the walls showing different aspects of Temple ritual according to the Scriptures, like burning the incense, lighting the menorah, the Levites singing psalms in the courtyard of the Temple, and all in proportion and all accurate as far as is humanly possible. Sixty out of the ninety-three Temple vessels have been reconstructed are on view in glass wall units.

The vessels of the Temple have been recontructed – the golden crown worn by the High Priest, golden holders for frankincense, and silver shovels for the ashes from the altar, even musical instruments from temple times – silver trumpets, lyres, harps and flutes.

The Special Holiday services exhibition is rotated month to month to demonstrate the particular holiday of the season, and a Temple model has been fashioned with marble and gold as per the original.

Jewish people living in the Diaspora are especially encouraged to visit the displays and hear and see the exhibits in order to awaken in them an awareness of the Bible teaching and their heritage. It should remind them too of the day of rejoicing yet to come when Temple worship will once again be established under King Messiah.