Glimpses of Israel - Holocaust Day

Holocaust Day in Israel is commemorated on 27th day of the first month, Nisan–this year on 15th April.

At exactly 10 am the nation comes to a complete stop for two full minutes in honour of the six million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered during World War II. When the sirens sound all over Israel, people stand motionless, alongside their cars, in the middle of the street, on the side walk, in shops, in department stores, in the marketplace, reflecting, remembering, weeping, hoping . . . never again.

Many visit Yad Vashem, the largest holocaust memorial in the world, nestled on the quiet slopes of Jerusalem. Built specifically to record the tragedy, and to remind the world, so that it won't forget, Yad Vashem waits patiently for all who would come, and with great sensitivity she shows them . . . what never should have happened... and they leave, not the same.

The Holocaust was a particular gruesome tragedy because it happened in modern times. How much more then when world leaders and prominent intellectuals today endeavour to argue, or deny the tragedy ever happened? The shame covers not just a few heads.

As if to exemplify this ongoing travesty of justice and indifference toward the people of Israel, the United Nations, in a belated announcement (some 56 years late) declared that the 27th of January, the first month of the Gregorian Calendar, would be the official day for the nations to remember the tragedy of the holocaust; – and there was no apology!

"Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When the LORD brings back the captivity of His people, let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad." (Psalm 14:7)