Glimpses of Israel - Jerusalem Day

On that memorable day in June 1967, Israeli forces liberated Jerusalem from foreign rule. After twenty-five centuries, the city of Jerusalem, and most notably, the Temple Mount, where the House of God stood, was now in Jewish hands.

War erupted in June 1967, in the Middle East. Facing extinction, the 19-year old State of Israel was again forced to defend itself against the rage of Muslim hordes. Seriously outnumbered, as in previous wars, yet again Israel survived and with an outstanding victory that had the whole world awe-struck. No nation expected Israel to survive, let alone defeat the enemy so quickly. Yet, in just six days, the small young nation, like the teenage David, felled the taunting Goliath Muslim nations. Reminiscent of David sanctifying the Name of the LORD when he slew the Philistine giant, so too, the youthful Israel brought honour and glory to His Name, when, in June 1967, they rose victorious over the vanquished and defeated Muslim giant.

Jerusalem Day celebrates the victory and the promise of this modern-day miracle. Enthusiastic celebrants, waving flags, dancing in groups erupt spontaneously spilling into the streets of Jerusalem. The sounds of joy and songs of praise fill the streets. All throughout Israel, the young and old celebrate the great things God has done for His people, and praise Him because His mercy towards Israel endures.

Jerusalem Day, this year May 16, will mark the 40th year of that miraculous event.