Glimpses of Israel - The Beauty of The Golan

Rising above the eastern shoreline of Lake Kinneret, lies the beautiful Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights extend northward along a mountain range which includes Mt Hermon, and ends at the border with Syria. The region was included in the Promised Land covenanted to Abraham and his descendants, Genesis chapter 15.

Miraculously restored to Israel during the 1967 Six Day War, the Golan Heights is one of Israel's many treasures, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. It also provides a geographical boundary necessary for Israel's security and defence.

When the Golan was occupied by Syria, Israeli communities living below were constantly bombarded from Syrian embankments and military positions. In June 1967, however, Syria felt the time was ripe to attack Israel. But Syria didn't go it alone. With Egypt invading from the South, and Jordan from the East, Syria grew confident and attacked Israel from the North. And the world held its breath again. Israel alone against overwhelming odds, again . . . The Arabs lost, again . . . will they ever learn?

Since returning to Israel, the Golan has blossomed with the development of agricultural communities. The rugged relief and fertile valleys provide an ideal environment of scenic vistas and popular recreational parks. The springs, waterfalls and forests are regular attractions for the many visitors.

Overlooking the Kinneret towards the South one is captivated by the scenic beauty and at once the realization of the Golan's importance to Israel's security.