What's Your Problem? Dec 1980

by Joseph Hunting

Is there a possible connection between Ethiopia, Libya and Persia as prophesied by Ezekiel (chapter 38) and the current political situation in the Islamic world?

An interesting development in the Islamic political arena is the reshuffle and realignment of these nations in their relationship with Israel. Their dependence upon Russian economic and arms aid is an added ingredient.

According to Ezekiel's prophecy (chapter 38) Libya, Persia (Iran) and Ethiopia are allied with Russia in a lightning invasion of Israel during "the latter days". (See also October 1980 Vineyard)

For almost 30 years the major Islamic power in the Middle East scene opposed to Israel was Egypt. During that time four savage wars were fought and these two nations were locked in a 30 year war of attrition when not actually engaged in a 'shooting war'. However, Ezekiel makes no reference to Egypt participating with Russia in the forthcoming invasion. The amazing change of heart by President Sadat and his recent peace proposals to Israel in spite of mounting pressure by the U.N. and the Arab states are the answer to this omission by Ezekiel.

By contrast another major Islamic reshuffle during this same period was the overthrow of the Peacock Throne in Iran. Yet during the 30 year war against Israel by other Islamic Arab states Iran remained neutral -- until the revolution which deposed the late Shah. The situation changed dramatically overnight. Iran expelled the Israeli ambassador and diplomatic corps and replaced them with members of the P.L.O.

Modern-day Iran is the Persia mentioned in Ezekiel's prophecy along with the other nations confederate with Russia. An interesting comment concerning Iran was recently made by President Sadat quoted in The Readers Digest (August 1980). "Before the end of this year (1980) Iran will turn to the left. The only organized faction in Iran is the Communists, the leftists. It will not be long before they take over."

Another Islamic state bitterly opposed to Israel is Libya. Ezekiel pinpoints Libya as being allied with Persia (Iran), Ethiopia and Russia in the forthcoming invasion of Israel.

A further comment on this fascinating prophecy by Ezekiel concerns Ethiopia, which also severed diplomatic relations with Israel during the energy crisis of the '70s. Ethiopia is now a Soviet outpost in North Africa. In a recent comment President Sadat linked Libya and Ethiopia as Soviet puppets. Ezekiel made the same comment 2,500 years earlier!