Glimpses of Israel - Tel Aviv Spring Hill

In 1882, following a rapid influx of immigrants, the Jewish community of Jaffa (Joppa), a major port for the Ottoman empire, decided to pioneer a new suburb in the near-by sand dunes. A further two Jewish neighbourhoods were added over the next few years, while in 1909 official plots of land were allocated, and then by 1910 the necessary infrastructure for 66 houses was completed. It was at this time that the residents of the thriving community decided to name their new suburb, Tel Aviv–Spring Hill.

The Jewish community of Jaffa left en masse to take up residence in Tel Aviv following the Arab riots on May 1, 1921 which resulted in 47 Jewish people being killed and many more injured. The economic consequences were crippling for Jaffa, as most of the commerce and business sector relocated to Tel Aviv. On the other hand, Tel Aviv began to establish itself as an indepenent city, and was on its way to becoming where it is today, a bustling metropolis with over 3 million Jewish people.

Tel Aviv attractions include the Yarkon Park, Ganei Yehoshua, Rabin Square, Carmel Market, Dizengoff Center, museums, an abundance of shops, restaurants and street cafes, and when you have spent all your money you can always stroll along the beautiful sandy coast of the Mediterranean. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is typical of any modern city. The many hotels ideally located along the beachfront capture the magnificent ocean views and stunning sunsets, for which the Mediterranean is renowned.