Glimpses of Israel - Northern Border

In recent times the boundary with Lebanon has been hotly contested. Initially, the Jewish people returning home to Israel found the local Arabs, in southern Lebanon, to be friendly and hospitable. Sadly, for various reasons, relationships between Israel and Lebanon deteriorated resulting in sporadic attacks of Jewish communities by hostile Arabs, and frequent invasions into Israel.

The deployment of security patrols and border guards by the Israeli Defense Force has discouraged the threat of attacks from the north.

Located on the boundary with Lebanon some ten kilometres north of Kiryat Shemona, is Metulla, Israel's northernmost town.

Founded in 1896, Metulla's farming community has survived and grown, in spite of decades of hardship.

The residence of Metulla had to be evacuated during the infamous Arab attacks of 1920. After the 1948 War of Independence, the redrawn border with Lebanon meant that much of Metulla's farming fields were located on the other side of the border. Undaunted, Metulla's residence simply re-gathered and restructured the economy and today the quiet farming town has also become a mountain winter and summer resort.

The surrounding region's beautiful scenery, colourful flora and wildlife include the nearby Nahal Ayoun National Park with its four waterfalls, which are most spectacular during the winter months; "The Good Fence" boundary with Lebanon; as well as the many historical and archaeological sites.