Glimpses of Israel - Megiddo

Located 25km (30 miles) southeast of Haifa is the ancient city of Megiddo. Overlooking the Plain of Megiddo, known also as the Plain of Jezreel, and Esdraelon, Megiddo was one of three cities guarding an international trade route through the Carmel range. Yokneam being 9km (7 miles) to the northwest, while Taanach is 7km (5 miles) to the southeast of Megiddo. The city of Megiddo was protected from the west by the slope of Mt Carmel.

King Solomon fortified the city during his reign. Archaeologists have unearthed gates and foundations built during Solomon's reign. Archaeologists have also uncovered twenty levels of civilization representing consecutive existence from the sixth century B.C. to the Persian period. Discoveries have also revealed a concealed spring outside the walls that was connected to the city by an underground tunnel. A complex watering system included a 25m (75ft) shaft which reached bedrock and supplied water to the inhabitants of Megiddo without exiting the city. The well-watered, expansive, fertile plain was drained by the River Kishon and ensured an abundant supply of grain and vegetables for the inhabitants of Megiddo.

Megiddo is also identified with Armageddon. The open expansive plain will provide an ideal staging area for the armies of the nations that will be deployed to battle against the city of Jerusalem. "And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon." (Revelation 16:16)