Glimpses of Israel - Nof Ginnosar

Established in 1937 as one of the many communal kibbutz, Nof Ginossar is located in a valley on the western shore of Lake Kinneret, and marks the border between Upper and Lower Galilee.

This usually quiet kibbutz was thrust into the limelight when an important archaeological discovery was made, nearby. Following the severe drought, in 1985, which significantly reduced the level of Lake Kinneret, the shape of a boat could be seen in the newly exposed lake bed – it was an archaeologist’s dream. Teams worked quickly to extricate and preserve the hull of the boat before the water level of the lake returned to normal. According to experts the boat was constructed about BC40 and had been in use during the 1st century AD. The rare find has become known as the Jesus boat, and is on display at Nof Ginossar.

Even before the discovery of the Jesus boat, Nof Ginossar was developing quietly into a popular tourist location. Its close proximity to many significant ancient and modern sites makes it an ideal hub for the visitor wishing to make daily excursions. The spacious green lawns, tall eucalypt trees, bending willows along the banks of a small river meandering into the lake set a scene of tranquillity . Relaxing in these peaceful surroundings one can enjoy the stillness of the lake and spectacular sunsets, and, or sunrises over Galilee. Together with the modern appointments included in the accommodation, Nof Ginossar is quite a pleasant stay.