Editorial - The Eyes of the LORD ...

There is a Scripture that occurs in Second Chronicles 16:9 that can be reassuring to those whose ways please the Lord, but very disturbing to those whose ways are contrary to His ways, when they are not measuring up to the standards He has laid down in His Word.

"The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to him."

Of course the eyes of the Lord would run to and fro throughout the whole world. Is He not the Creator of the whole world? Would we not expect it to be of great interest to Him to watch the doings of the inhabitants of the world? And this is what the Bible teaches, that what we do is not unknown to the Lord, for His eyes "run to and fro throughout the whole earth."

But the message of the Scripture above is not so much about the fact that the Lord is conscious of all our doings anywhere throughout the whole earth, but that He is on the lookout for those "whose heart is loyal to Him" "throughout the whole earth."

Although He sees all world events, as the nations muddle their way through their own agendas, He notices and appreciates those who in the midst of frightening evils and devastating suffering on a world-wide scale keep their eyes on Him, the God of Creation, and on His precious Word. It is in His Word that He has revealed His plan of salvation and peace for this world.

It is on behalf of these who are "loyal to him" that He wants to "show himself strong." He wants to help and guide them; He wants to undertake for them strongly in all their problems and for all their needs.

Especially will He "show himself strong" for their eternal salvation, even as He has made provision for this in the sacrifice of His own dear Son, who died for sinners "throughout the whole earth."