The Nefarious Protocols (of the Elders of Zion)

This article is not written in an attempt to convince or convert the anti-Semite. A rabid anti-Semite is incurable. The anti-Semite is proof-proof!

Of the many anti-Semite instruments THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDER OF ZION are among the most deadly. This harbinger of hate has fouled the atmosphere in many countries of the world, and with rise of that sinister son of Satan, Adolph Hitler, the PROTOCOLS had an extensive publication and wide circulation in and beyond Germany.

It must be admitted that, stripped of all 'atmosphere' and placed for the first time into the hands of an uninfluenced reader, the PROTOCOLS would appear at fist rather droll; they might seem rather a subtle joke. However, in their present form, they have been invested with a sinister 'Introduction', impregnated with Jew-hate, and it is in this inflammatory condition that this dastardly instrument is plunged into a public already somewhat strangely predisposed to anti-Semitic ignition.

We all know that the potency of the onion is rather overpowering, so much so that it tends to lessen the attention towards another characteristic – its construction. The onion is constructed layer upon layer. And the PROTOCOLS, in these twin features of potency and construction are like the onion.

The Outer Layer

Let us look at the outer layer. The surface view purports to present the protocols or minutes of twenty-four secret sessions convened by "the innermost circle of Ruler of Zion" jointly with the great masters of Freemasonry, whereby the world may be enslaved by dastardly, immoral, and unscrupulous methods.

But here is a phenomenon the reader will not have failed to detect – although Freemasonry is equally involved in the wicked libels embedded in the PROTOCOLS, the stream of this hate is directed almost exclusively against the Jewish people.

Of course, there is no reality to a Jewish world-plot than there is to a Masonic world-plot. The whole concept is sheer unmitigated balderdash. But how the manure-pit attracts a certain type of repulsive fly and its issues! Of such is the outer onion-layer of the nefarious PROTOCOLS exposed to the eyes and nostrils of the unenlightened.

However, the circumstance that is not generally known is that, like the onion, there are layers beneath this outer pungency. Outwardly, and in their present form, the PROTOCOLS are a court-proven forgery. If we penetrate to the sub-surface layers we shall discover the PROTOCOLS in their original form are nothing more that a satire, albeit a very subtle one.

Here is a selection:

Protocols 1 refers to the "Invincibility of the Jewish-Masonic authority" and the "Principles and rules of the Jew-Masonic Government" with a counter sign of "Force and Make-believe".

Protocol 3 introduced the "Army of Mason-Jewry", the "Despotism of Masonry" and the "Symbolic Snake" which will ultimately enfold the world in its coils.

Protocol 9 envisages the "Dictatorship of Masonry".

Protocol 10 includes "Presidents – the puppets of Masonry" and so on ad nauseum through the whole twenty-four PROTOCOLS.

The 1900 Layer

In about 1900 Tzar Nicholas II engaged a Parisian specialist, Monsieur Philippe, to attend the Tzarina. Circumstances caused the influence of Philippe to spread so greatly at the Russian Imperial court that "the true fiends of the Russian people", with Grand Duchess Elizabeth as chairman hoped that something would be done. They hoped so hard that a Russian minor official in the Chancery of the Synod of Moscow named Sergei Nilus composed a work directed to this end entitled THE GREAT IN THE LITTLE AND THE ANTI-CHRIST AS A PROXIMATE POLITICAL POSSIBILITY.

This book is to be found in the British Museum today. It is a mystical hodge-podge, like so much other obscurantist rubbish, intended to warm Holy Russia of an unhappy destiny unless it returned to the rigid tenets of the Greek Orthodox Church.

This effort of Nilus was successful in aiding to depose the Freemason Philippe, who was soon succeeded by the sinister Rasputin. But in the Nilus compilation only one chapter contained only one reference to "Wise Men of Zion", for his effort was not intended as an anti-Semitic document although it breathed Jew-hate.

The 1905 Layer

The 'Zion' concoction which had appeared briefly in the Nilus travesty was later expanded and published in Russia in 1905 as a separate instrument bearing the now familiar title. Thus it became a useful instrument for race-libel and a sensational weapon to belabour the Jewish people whenever circumstances called for a scapegoat.

The Basic Layer

One wonders if the hand of a just and vindicating God had not seen in the simple circumstances which led to the exposure of the PROTOCOLS forgery. Here are the details.

Early in 1921 Mr. Philip Graves, at the time Constantinople correspondent of the London TIMES, received from a Whit Russian exile a small book in a damaged condition. Turning it over he saw a sentence which he recognized as being identical with one appearing in the PROTOCOLS. Yet this French book had the word 'Joli" on the half torn page.

Securing a copy of the PROTOCOLS, he compared the two. To his amazement he found the PROTOCOLS repeating, not only whole sentences and paragraphs, but whole pages of the much earlier book of Joli. However, in the work of Joli, instead of 'Zion' it was 'France', and instead of 'we the Jews' it was 'Emperor'. Yes! Investigation revealed that Nilus had made a clumsy verbatim plagiarism from a long-forgotten essay published in 1864 in Brussels by a Parisian lawyer Maurice Joli.

The basic layer then of the PROTOCOLS onion was a satire directed against Napoleon III entitled DIALOGUE IN HELL BETWEEN MACHIAVELLI AND MONTESQUIEU and it had nothing whatever to do with the Jews! Sergei Nilus had plagiarized it to compose his PROTOCOLS!

Mr. Graves sent Joli's volume to London, and it was conclusively identified in the British Museum. A copy of Joli's full volume reposes in the Paris National Library.

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 1921 the London TIMES printed, side by side, long extracts from the PROTOCOLS and from Joli's DIALOGUE IN HELL. The TIMES articles were afterwards republished as a pamphlet under the title THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PROTOCOLS; A LITERARY FORGERY.

And so the lie was nailed.

The Law Steps In

However, Hitler knew the value of a lie of great magnitude and he had his tools in Switzerland. Dr. A. Zander, editor of a Swiss Nazi organ, published a series of articles on the acceptability of the PROTOCOLS. But Swiss law offered redress, and community leaders in that country determined to expose the fraudulent basis of the iniquitous document before a well-respected court of justice.

Trial began in Berne in October 1934, and in May 1935 the Cantonal Court of Berne, after full investigation, declared the PROTOCOLS to be forgeries, plagiarisms, and obscene literature, and gave judgement to that effect. The Nazi Dr. Zander was fined.

The document report of the Swiss court said, "The PROTOCOLS are scandalous literature of the worst species, based on the famed essay of Maurice Joli written in 1854. I found 170 pages exact copies of portions of Joli's essay."

The evidence given at the Berne trial revealed another source of Nilis's plagiarism, a fantasy novel where sections had been lifted verbatim bodily into the PROTOCOLS to bolster up the fable of a conspiracy to undermine Christianity.

And in South Africa in 1934 a court imposed fines on three men for concocting a modern version of the PROTOCOLS. Thus in responsible circles the PROTOCOLS are known to be a dastardly forgery and a wicked libel upon a whole race and nation of people.

" 'No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgement you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from me,' says the LORD" (Isaiah 54:17).