Man Of Mystery

by George F Spall

You will have noticed that some things insist on surfacing in the mind, refusing to be buried in the mental debris of life's daily trivia. Such an item is the one about the Prelate who delivered the bodies of those American casualties from Iran back to their home. You will remember there were eight who died in the desert when their helicopters failed.

The man is not an Iranian but a Greek. He is not a Moslem but a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, and at one time head of his denomination in Jerusalem. Using his car under privilege given him by the Israeli Government because he was the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, he smuggled guns and explosives to the P.L.O., terrorists in Israel from neighbouring Arab countries. He could hardly be considered Christian for it is written "by their fruits you shall know them" . He had broken the law often till the Israeli security people caught him red-handed with the guns and grenades in his car. Sentenced to twelve years' jail for this, he was released after three years following negotiations, the news media said, by the Vatican. And he was certainly not an American.

We have to wonder if such a mysterious figure, who can be an agent of death-dealers in Jerusalem, then an international undertaker in Iran escorting the charred remains of American Marines back to home, is not merely macabre, but perhaps sinister as well as mysterious.

Is he an agent of some international diplomatic corps? How does a Greek priest intrigue with Arabs against Jews, have the sympathy of Rome, be trusted by Iranian Moslems and be given credence by America!

Bilderberger Group

There are occasional references in the press to "The Bilderberger Group". They are very influential, most intellectual and supposed to be quite secretive. This is practically all we are told and this surely must be leaked to the media through a controlled faucet. How else would we have this amount of information? Mrs Thatcher is a member. Messrs Callaghan and Heath, though on opposite sides of the British parliament, were members. Henry Kissinger, ex-President Ford, Henry Heinz who controls 57 varieties apparently controls more in another operation for he also sits with these others and knows Prince Bernard and Mr David Rockefeller as fellows in the Group. What do the Bilderbergers build since they took the name of their first venue?

An item appeared in the London Times early this year from the pen of Brian Vine who wrote in New York. It tells of the meeting of the steering committee of the Bilderbergers in the Savoy Hotel in February 1980. His article concludes: "Will it settle for its behind-the-scenes political pressure and influence, or could it openly put forward and finance its best and brightest brains for public office or start a twenty-first century movement towards world federalism?"

Do these Bilderberger people have agents and is the priest in his black cassock one of them? One suspects that the mention of a twenty-first century movement towards world federalism is what the Bilderbergers are all about.

The same release in the London Times mentions that Henry Kissinger will be at the forthcoming big meeting of the Group "fresh from his hush-hush meeting in Paris with China's Hua". Brian Vine describes them as a "power elite of Masonic-style internationals who boast of influencing world events".

World Federation

The mention of a "movement towards world federalism" is of some consequence. To federate four thousand million people under one head will take a lot of planning. That planning will not be done in a week-end seminar punctuated by stops for expensive and exotic foods washed down with even more expensive wines. But it can be done by regular meetings of their executives that we are never told about.

And in course of time there will be, there will HAVE to be a Federal Head who is more than a figurehead. He will have to have control over the world's currencies, and its crops from planting right through to the meal table. He will have control over most of the world's armed forces and their internal security people.

And if all this seems to be too much to expect of one man, bear in mind that he will have to be superman enough to be able to settle the Middle East problem which is at once multi-racial, territorial, oil-oriented and religious.

Are there any Moslems or oil sheiks amongst the Bilderbergers? Is there a military genius who is a superb politician with a mind capable of coping with currency complexities, solving them as fast as a computer? If there is, does he know the Greek priest Cappucci who once had to change from clerical clothes to prison garb?

The phenomenally fast growth of Islamic influence in international finance circles; the multiplied voting power of undeveloped countries so many of which are Moslem; the political common denominator which is Islam, compel attention.

Pondering the possibility that the likely federal head is here already, though under wraps, suggests we might look at a few references in Isaiah's and Micah's prophecies to a person known to them as 'the Assyrian' , in case he is an applicant for the position. Some of Israel's prophets had very long sight. Isaiah did. We can read his message in his chapter ten.

Isaiah's 'Assyrian'


As we read this, it is obvious that there is a double meaning to the passage. Though an invasion from Assyria was then expected and did take place, the wording does not suit that contemporary situation. In fact, the Assyrian king took away captive the whole of the northern kingdom of Israel, all ten tribes. Not until these modern times have they been able to go back to the land of their fathers. Isaiah's words do not suit an exile two and a half thousand years long.

But as we read on, we notice further, "And it shall come to pass IN THAT DAY that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing."

That reference to "IN THAT DAY" directs attention to many other similar uses of the expression. They all point forward to the future. It was a distant future in the prophet's day though perhaps almost upon us now. It comes three times, for example, in the next chapter, and six times in chapter nineteen, all of them speaking of the time when the Messiah shall have defeated Israel's enemies and established world-wide peace.

Notice that there is no break in the wording of Isaiah's prediction. We really should read right on through into chapter eleven which says: "AND THERE SHALL COME FORTH A ROD OUT OF THE STEM OF JESSE AND A BRANCH SHALL GROW OUT OF HIS ROOTS: AND THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SHALL REST UPON HIM, THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING, THE SPIRIT OF COUNSEL AND MIGHT, THE SPIRIT OF KNOWLEDGE AND OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD." The passage proceeds to describe the marvelous works of the Messiah, the anointed one. He is the one on whom the anointing oil (mentioned earlier -- 10:27) will rest.

Isaiah uses the term 'the Assyrian' because not the nation of Assyria is in view here but an individual. He will be prominent as an Assyrian in an age when the expression will be notable. In Syria today there are known to be remnants of tribes who can claim direct descent from old Assyria. They are Syrians and Assyrians too. One wonders if one of them today is a friend of the international Greek undertaker who is the religious man mentioned earlier.

Daniel speaks of a personage hostile to Israel and designates him, "a little horn with the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things." That is to say, he will be a small power that comes into great power, from a group of other powers. He "will subdue three kings, speak great words against the Most High and seek to change times and laws" . In other places Daniel calls him "the Prince that shall come" and "the desolator."

Micah too, knows of this Assyrian. After announcing the birth in Bethlehem of the one who is to be ruler in Israel, he also promises that "he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God; and they shall abide: for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth, and this man shall be the peace, WHEN THE ASSYRIAN shall come into our land ..." (5:4,5).

It is very interesting to consider that the Revivalist young Moslems who held the American hostages captive in Iran, are expecting The Mahdi, which means the Expected One. The Bilderbergers and other elitist groups are planning for a World Leader. The writers in the New Testament forecast such a Personage who will be Israel's enemy and try to destroy the Chosen Nation. The priest, released from Israel's jail and who secured the sad remains of America's soldiers, is a friend of those Moslems it would seem.

The New Testament also has much to say about Messiah who was born in Bethlehem and who is coming to deliver Israel from the Antichrist, the 'little horn' and 'desolator' , who, if my deductions are right, is an Assyrian living today. There are thus two world leaders on the horizon. I know whose side to be on!