Glimpses of Israel - The Golan Heights

by Joseph Hunting

For nineteen years, from 1948 to 1967, the Jewish farmers and the agricultural settlements in the lush Huleh and Jordan valleys of northern Galilee were pounded almost daily by Syrian guns positioned high above them in the steep hills that flank the upper reaches of the Jordan and Sea of Galilee.

Children born during that time often slept in bunkers below ground and indeed they grew up learning to live with the constant destruction rained down upon them.

When I visited the scene of Israel's magnificent assault on the Syrian fortifications during the Six Day War I could only marvel at the amazing events that resulted in the capture of the Golan Heights. The Syrians were well dug into the hills with concrete bunkers backed up with artillery and the latest Russian tanks and rocketry.

Without detracting from the bravery and brilliant military achievements of the Israelis I believe that there was Divine intervention on their behalf. The time had come for Israel to repossess Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

3,500 years ago the Hebrews under the leadership of Moses stormed those same hills. At that time they were occupied by giants who were so huge that the Israelis "seemed as grasshoppers in their sight". At that time their victory was assured by the God of Israel Who is just the same today. Sometimes history has a habit of repeating itself.

Today the events linking Israel's destiny with the fulfilment of prophecy have turned a full circle. Israel has courageously incorporated the Golan Heights into the State of Israel in spite of condemnation by many of the world's governments. God will take care of the outcome.