Editorial - Israel To Reap Peace Dividend

by Joy Hunting

If we want to get the truth; if we want correct background information, we have to get it from reliable sources other than the usual media reports. For instance, BIPAC (Britain Israel Public Affairs Centre) supplied the following:-


(Courtesy BIPAC briefing)

Israel is keen to cultivate trade ties with Morocco, with which it signed an economic accord that is thought to involve direct air, telephone and mail links, as well as banking and financial co-operation and joint agro-industrial projects. It is also moving forward in relations with Egypt, which it hopes will provide a communications link to the rest of the Arab world. In addition, a $500 million jointly owned gas pipeline from Egypt to the Israeli border is being planned, as well as joint projects with Egypt in the fields of food processing, textiles, clothing and minerals.

Israel is planning to increase exports to Egypt of textiles and car tyres, while a pilot project has been agreed for training twenty-five Egyptians as diamond polishers and cutters in Israel. About 1,000 Egyptians are also expected to attend Israeli agricultural colleges, and Israel has agreed to help pay for a $1 million model farm near Alexandria.

Israel is pinning great hopes on offers of natural gas from Qatar in exchange for pipelines and storage facilities at the port of Elath.

In Jordan, too, there has been no shortage of private businessmen and politicians who have been sounding out potential Israeli partners about ventures, but Israel's biggest successes have been in Gaza and Jericho, where a host of joint Israel-Palestinian projects or Israeli-financed ventures are in prospect.

One of the largest involves a consortium which is co-owned by an Israeli food-marketing corporation, the son of a former mayor of Gaza and the largest soft drinks firm in Gaza. This partnership is expected to dominate the wholesale food market in the Gaza Strip. Another Israeli company has won a huge order to supply banks in Gaza with computer systems, while a $2.5 million scheme to build grain silos and mills in Gaza has been awarded to a Haifa company.

A joint Israeli-Palestinian venture has been established to produce building materials in Gaza, while an American-Israeli Investment Company has teamed up with Palestinian and Jordanian entrepreneurs to develop a $12 million tourist resort at the northern shores of the Dead Sea near Jericho. Construction of a seven hundred room hotel, the first phase in the Dead Sea resort project, is due to start this year.

BIPAC also supplied news of the PLO's attempts to sabotage the spirit of co-operation that would lead to benefits for all the Middle East nations:-

PLO Adopts Boycott

A Palestinian trade boycott of Israeli goods is gathering momentum according to reports reaching the Israel Manufacturers' Association; Palestinians are copying the Arab boycott of companies which have economic relations with Israel. The PLO has reportedly warned international companies not to involve Israeli partners in commerical investments in the autonomous areas.

Palestinian businessmen in Gaza and Jericho, apparently acting on orders from the PLO, are rejecting all business connections with Israeli investors and are refusing to participate in joint ventures with foreign businessmen if they have Israeli partners. The reports come amid Israeli agreement to open its doors to more Palestinian workers and efforts by Israeli officials to persuade international donor countries to give financial aid to the Palestinian autonomous areas!

So in keeping with God's word to Abraham and His people Israel: "I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you" we can be assured that God will bless those nations that co-operate with Israel, but on the other hand, no way will God fail to deliver judgement on nations or individuals who act otherwise.