Editorial - He That Keepeth Israel

by Joseph Hunting

Among the welter of newscasts one absorbs day by day one especially caught my attention. It was in essence that Russia issued a call to the nations of the world to convene a conference that would work out a programme for peace in the Middle East.

There was nothing new in the formula which Russia proposed. The Arab states and the P.L.O. have been trumpeting the same 'peace' formula for decades. But this time it was different in that Russia was calling for a united front consisting of European countries, U.S.A., as well as the P.L.O. and Arab states.

The master plan proposed by Russia called for Israel to withdraw from all territory taken over subsequent to the Six Day War in 1967 including East Jerusalem! Chutzpah!

As I see the situation this may well isolate Israel still further from the family of nations. There have already been demands that Israel be expelled from the U.N. that have been only narrowly defeated. And Israel will under no circumstances hand over Jerusalem. The Holy City is strictly NOT NEGOTIABLE.

So there is an impasse. But if Russia has its way in calling for a united front including the major trading nations of the world, the survival of Israel will be a miracle.

And that will not be a new situation where Israel is concerned. No other nation, among the family of nations, has a history of miraculous intervention as has Israel. The very birth of the nation from the wombs of the matriarchs was supernatural, for were they not all barren until God performed biological miracles?

One of the greatest miracles of all time was the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. The Old Testament abounds with miracles. And the survival of the modern State of Israel in our own time is a progression of miracles against overwhelming odds both economically and militarily.

One of the factors that Russia does not admit is "HE THAT KEEPETH ISRAEL NEITHER SLUMBERS NOR SLEEPS". And the God that lived in Moses' day is just the same today.